I don't know what to think about cancel culture

The idea and realities of cancel culture have been running around a little in my head recently. Usually when I think about these questions, I can usually come to some kind of conclusion about what I think, but the only thing I really feel about cancel culture is that it seems to be getting out… Continue reading I don't know what to think about cancel culture

Four of my friends talk about songs that mean something to them

When I asked my friends to write about a song they love, I mostly just wanted them to write my blog post for me, but dude, they really came through. Maybe a little too much. Just kidding! Thanks guys. This is awesome. An editorial note before we start: 1) Everybody has a pen name except… Continue reading Four of my friends talk about songs that mean something to them

On physics and how wildly hard it is

Physics is so hard that it's almost a joke. Not because there's anything inherently funny about it---there's nothing funny about it. But you have to not take it seriously. It's absolutely necessary to survival. Otherwise the true impossibleness of it would be crushing. The way forward is to just laugh (and cry if needed) at… Continue reading On physics and how wildly hard it is

I wrote this for a journalism program

This fall I participated in this awesome journalism program. (If you live in the DFW area, it's called Storytellers Without Borders.) There were eight of us high schoolers in the program, and we were paired with actual journalists as mentors. Over the course of nine or so weekly sessions, they helped us through the process… Continue reading I wrote this for a journalism program

So many mini-reviews

Out of the following 12 books, 6 are historical fiction, 5 are non-fiction ( 1 collection of essays, 2 memoirs, 1 true-crime/narrative non-fiction, 1 psychology), and 1 contemporary romance. Where is the fantasy and contemporary YA and middle-grade? Weird. The Gown: A Novel of the Royal Wedding by Jennifer Robson Keywords: historical fiction, 1947 London,… Continue reading So many mini-reviews