What real conversations between teenagers look like

A rule of common sense: eating someone's pretzel without permission will bring forth their wrath. Titles (AKA contact names) I live bagels No fun P.S. I AM SO READY FOR THANKSGIVING BREAK. There is only three exams standing in my way, and then it's five glorious days of no school plus two weekends. So nine… Continue reading What real conversations between teenagers look like

Miscellaneous thoughts on conversations

When conversations happen magically Good conversations are tricky. You can’t force them. You can’t create them with mad scientist skills. It just occur, like a rainbow, and you enjoy it for as long as it goes on. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t elements that are better at generating good conversations than other. Now, what… Continue reading Miscellaneous thoughts on conversations

October mini-reviews

A Darker Shade of Magic by V. E. Schwab Keywords: four different Londons (AKA worlds), adventuring, Lila: an aspiring pirate who is stubborn, brave, and bold, Kell: a magician who is kind and loyal and owns an awesome coat Last sentence: That one’ll do. Thoughts: As you probably have too, I’ve heard so many good… Continue reading October mini-reviews

The Sunshine Award (because it is so cold outside and I miss my favoite star)

Oh my goodness, today is homecoming and in a couple of hours, we have to take pictures in our dresses and heels and freeze. FREEZE, I tell you. At least the freshmen wear long dresses and I'm wearing my converse. Wow, this is such a stupid problem. We’re voluntarily inflicting pain on ourselves. Anyways, I’m writing… Continue reading The Sunshine Award (because it is so cold outside and I miss my favoite star)