A pottery interview with my sister

Over July 4th, my parents and I went up to New York to visit my sister. Who is a bit crazy about being clean. It’s weird. At her apartment, you’re not allowed to go into the living room or sit on any chairs until after you change out of the clothes you’ve been wearing for the whole day. Which is why this interview was done sitting on the floor. 

Here’s my sister’s short bio: 26 year old Texan residing in New Yorker. Yarn by day/mud by night.

And for those who don’t speak Chinese, Jiejie means older sister.

Interview starts NOW.

Me: When did you start making pottery?
Jiejie: March of 2016.

Me: What pottery studio do you go to?
Jiejie: I don’t want to tell you. It’s secret. It’s in Manhattan.

Hey, what’s with the half faces?

Me: Okay, where do you find inspiration for your pieces?
Jiejie: Pinterest, Instagram, people in the studio. I just try to imitate other people. If you seeing someone do a cool glaze combo, you ask them what combination it is, and you try to copy it. I just want to try different things.

Me: Okay, why did you start taking pottery?
Jiejie: It was always a dream of mine to take pottery!

Me: Jiejie, why are you being so weird?
Jiejie: I’m not!
Me: Yes, you are!
Jiejie: That’s my real answer.
Me: I know, but you’re talking weird.
Jiejie: It’s a life goal of mine to do pottery.
Me: You’re being SO WEIRD.
Jiejie: Am I? I don’t think I am.
Me: Okaaaay.

vsco-photo-1 copy 2
Right after dunking it halfway into glaze.

Me: Do you have any funny stories? Related to pottery?
Jiejie: I don’t think I have any funny stories.

Me: Do you have any stories in general?
Jiejie: It’s very frustrating when I’m trimming, and I trim too much and the bottom just collapses because you trimmed too much.

Me: Do you have any tips?

Jiejie: Just try it! Maybe you’ll like it and continue. I think it’s a fun thing that a lot of people should try.

Me: What’s somthing you’ve messed up that you know not to do?
Jiejie: When you’re digging the hole you know not-
Me: Oh, at the very beginning.
Jiejie: Yea, don’t dig to much because it’s always beter to have a thicker base and wire it off.

I love this picture! My dad’s putting wax on the bottom. He’s IN THE ZONE.

Jiejie: And also you have to wedge to get the air bubbles-
Me: Wedge? What’s that?
Me: Kneading?
Jiejie: Oh yea, I guess you call it that.

Me: What are some other hobbies you want to try?
Jiejie: No, I don’t think I have any other hobbies.

Me: You don’t have any other hobbies you want to do?
Jiejie: Oh, maybe flower arrangements. I think that’ll be fun. It kind of goes hand in hand with pottery because you can make vases as a vessel for the flower arrangements.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
Very nice, very nice.

Interview stops NOW.


I finished Geekerella. I was smiling so hard after I finished. It was SO CUTE!! I love their text messages. I love the Magic Pumpkin. I love Danielle’s glasses. I love Sage’s green hair. But Catherine? She made Elle FIX A LEAK IN THE ATTIC IN THE MIDDLE OF THE THUNDERSTORM DURING THE NIGHT. And Elle just goes with it?? What in the world. Hm.. I wonder if there’s a Cinderella retelling where you actually are kind of pulling for the stepmother. That would be tough to write. (Also, I searched Rebelgunner.com, and it sent me to Quirk Books. SUPER COOL.)

Anyways, I hope you liked the interview! Have you made pottery before? What hobbies do you want to try? I definitely want to test my hand at martial arts or self-defense. Just in case Earth goes all dystopian on us. Better safe than sorry, right?


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        1. That’s so cool!! Chinese is HARD. I’ve studied Latin for three years, but at my high school, I can only take French or Spanish. Haha, that’s funny. 🙂

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