Wait. Non-fiction can be INTERESTING?

In elementary and part of middle school,

my mom would always try to balance out my towering stack of fiction books from the library with some educational nonfiction reads. Most of the time, it didn’t work. As kids usually are, I was set in my belief that nonfiction books were BORING. I wanted my stories to be overflowing with adventuring and friendship and sass, not mind-numbing facts about red blood cells, thank you very much.

That was my train of thinking two years ago, but because of the awesome Mrs. Bogel over at ModernMrs.Darcy, I’ve had quite the paradigm shift. She wrote a post called 9 bestsellers actually worth the hype, and The Boys in the Boat was one of them. I saw it at Barnes & Noble and bought it on a whim.

And I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT. Loved it as in it’s my second favorite book ever. As in I talked about it all the time. As in I tried it get all my friends to read it. The whole experience made me realize that hey, maybe nonfiction wasn’t so bad.

Alexis at LifeasAlexisGlow tagged me for the This is My Genre tag!! THANK YOU for giving me the PERFECT segue for talking about nonfiction books. You rock. 🙂

What is your favorite genre?

One of my favorite genres is narrative sports nonfiction, which is very specific. It’s a type of book that is definitely not for everyone. I think you would be able to tell whether it is after the first chapter.

What book started your love for this genre?

100% The Boys in the Boat by Daniel James Brown.


Who is your favorite author in this genre?

Laura Hillenbrand. She’s writen Seabiscuit and Unbroken. It takes her a very long time to write each book because she suffers from chronic fatigue syndrome. Her work is absolutely magnificent. She has a new book (I think) coming out in 2020 something, and I’m SO PUMPED FOR IT.

What is it about that genre thatkeeps pulling you back?

  1. They’re so WONDERFULLY WRITTEN. Well, the good ones are. It reminds of the writing in literary novels.
  2. The research that goes into these books is incredible. There’s so many random and awesome details that they feel like fiction.
  3. It’s heart-exploding that these are true stories. In a good way, of course.

Which book would you recommend to someone looking to start reading this genre?

Besides The Boys in the Boat, Unbroken, and Seabiscuit, I would also recommend The Miracle of St. Anthony and One Shot at Forever.

Why do you read?

Among other reasons, it keeps me sane.


Dude, if you love sports narrative non-fiction too and you’ve discovered hidden gems in this genre, tell me. Tiana announced Behind the Surface Book Club’s book for September! It’s The Goldfish Boy, and I’m so excited. As for volleyball news, my team played an AMAZING game today. We were kind of crushed in the first set 25-0, but we came back in the second set from 0-6 to win 25-15. We lost the third set from 15-10, which was quite unfortunate but still very impressive. As an eight player team (two people are hurt) made up of seven freshman and one sophmore, we gave a team of at twelve(?) players who were older than us a run for their money. I AM SO PROUD OF US.

7 thoughts on “Wait. Non-fiction can be INTERESTING?”

  1. Fabulous post! I don’t blame you, non-fiction can be BORING. Though, the absolute BEST non-fiction book I’ve ever read is 1776, by (I forgot the authors name) Also, you can pick up a copy of Anne Frank’s diary. Her story is amazing.

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