What makes a good teacher?

I did not like my second grade teacher. AT ALL.

The funny thing is, my mom had requested for me to be in her class. After she saw how poorly it turned out, she promised to never do it again. And it’s been great. For the past few years, I’ve had tons of great teachers. But even though I’ve loved some of them so much, they weren’t always good teachers.

So if favorite doesn’t always translate to best, then what does?

Some outside opinions.

By the way, these thoughts are slightly edited. Only because not all of my friends text with punctuation and perfect grammar. Come on, guys, I expected better of you.

Jael: A good teacher is a teacher who is pretty chill but strict when needed. I dislike teachers who are rude to kids and not very good at explaining the topic and just give you notes to study off of.

Jocelyn: A good teacher has a good sense of humor. A boring teacher has a boring personality.

Riley: A good teacher needs to know what they’re teaching well. They have to have authority over the class while still being fun. My favorite teacher can be mean when she wants to but is easygoing most of the time. She knows stuff about our modern news and is really chill about things. My least favorite teacher doesn’t know what she’s teaching half the time and pretty much hates kids.

Lucy: I like teachers who 1. explain the concept well 2. make class fun. The first one is pretty straightforward; I hate when teachers expect you to know things they haven’t taught you. The second part can be harder. I don’t think teachers should be too strict or give harsh punishments for small things. Also, I like when we’re able to relate the material to real life because then it feels like we’ll actually use it someday. 3. they grade leniently and give exra credit, which I think SHOULD be up to the teacher, but it’s a nice bonus

Sister: To me, it was always important to have teachers who were available before and after school. A lot of the time, I wasn’t able to completely understand the things taught during class, so those extra hours really helped.

My thoughts.

A good teacher is two things.

  1. a cool person.
    When I say “cool,” I guess I really mean likable. And that’s hard to pinpoint. It’s usually the small things that build up. For example,
    -They put stickers on your test if you did well, and if you did SUPER, they give you a llama one.
    -They do fun stuff like setting up an escape room or something smaller like the lockbox.
    -They tell you scary stories that makes a kid actually cry (which sounds horrible outside of context). They tell you about how their son broke his nose by tripping down the stairs and not being able to catch himself because his hands were in his pockets.
    -They do a crazy birthday dance with complete abandon.
    -They give great hugs.
    -They say the weirdest things, like saying their favorite color is clear.
    -They’re on your side.
  2. a skilled teacher.
    A good teacher has to be good at teaching. Which should be a given, but it’s not.
    -They make complicated concepts easy to understand.
    -They don’t make you feel stupid when you don’t get it.
    -They prepare you for tests and quizzes.
  3. plus a secret ingredient.
    A teacher can be the most awesome, smartest person on earth and possess all the teaching talent in the world, but none of that matters if they’re not able to keep a classroom quiet. They also need to have the secret ingredient. And that is respect.
    Respect is magical. Instead of feeling forced to behave and try hard, the kid will want to do their best for a teacher they respect.

My work in progress opinion:
good teacher = cool person + a skilled teacher.


Our homecoming theme got changed from City Lights to GlowCo. The decorating scheme is supposed to involve glow sticks and neon lights? Something like that. Two girls in my grade’s student council hate it and think it will completely clash with all the dress and stuff. We also have PowderPuff- where the girls play football- and PowderBuff- where the guys play volleyball or dodgeball. I think I got that right. I’m super pumped for that, but the seniors are supposed to win. Apparently, last year, the graduated seniors got really, really rough and hurt and almost hurt a bunch of people. We also have Sadies, which is a dance where the girls asks the guy. Have you heard of either Powder or Sadies?









9 thoughts on “What makes a good teacher?”

  1. Yup I completely agree 😂😂 And I learnt to never walk down stairs with my hands in my pockets 😂 No I haven’t heard of those things that you mentioned but they sound really cool!

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    1. Haha, that story has made sure that I never ever do that in my life. Yes, they do! They’re coming up later this year, and I’m pumped. What kind of events do you have at your school?


      1. You’re going to have a great time at them! Our school has pep rallies and dances and all but we don’t have some of the stuff you mentioned although I WISH WE HAD THAT NOW 😂😂

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