A wishlist of graphic t-shirts

Urban Outfitters is having a 25% sale on graphic t-shirts right now. Here are a few I’ve been eyeing.


Storks. (I love the color red right now.)


Outstanding. (This shirt totally reminds me of a pun: I’m going outside. If anyone asks where I am, tell them I’m out standing.)


NASA. (I would love to become an astronaut, but I doubt it’s actually happening. I’ll settle for a shirt. Anyways, how can you NOT want a NASA shirt?)


Waves. (I saw the actual painting this shirt is based off of at the Met. Well, at least I think so because I was there when it was closing and didn’t really have the time to look at everything carefully.)

And also two t-shirts that I already own and am in love with. THEY ARE NOT FROM URBAN OUTFITTERS. (Got it, Jael?)


Abraham Lincoln. (I’m kind of in love with the sixteenth president.)


Liberty. (I was about to wear this shirt to school. Then I decided that was a terrible idea and it wasn’t going to be taken well. But it’s for an amazing, wonderful, MARVELOUS cause.)


Which one is your favorite? Also: where do you find awesome t-shirts?


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