The Sunshine Award (because it is so cold outside and I miss my favoite star)

Oh my goodness, today is homecoming and in a couple of hours, we have to take pictures in our dresses and heels and freeze. FREEZE, I tell you. At least the freshmen wear long dresses and I’m wearing my converse. Wow, this is such a stupid problem. We’re voluntarily inflicting pain on ourselves. Anyways, I’m writing this post because if I can’t physically experience sunshine right now, at least I can write about it. Also, I’m on a time crunch. Let’s GO GO GO.

A very long lightning round.

(Questions from thecoffeelovingbookholic AKA Alex, who has the most adorable cats.)
If you could do one job for the rest of your life, what would it be?
If I knew, I would not be anxious about college.
If you could time travel, which event would you like to be part of?
When Jesus and the twelve just hung out together.
How would your perfect day look like?
Generic: friends. Books.
Are you more productive in the morning or in the evening/night?
Neither and both. It depends what day it is.
PC or Mac?
I’m very embarrassed to say that I don’t know the difference.
If you had three wishes, which ones would that be?
My first wish would be to stop anybody from ever making a magical wish ever again. Which would destroy my other two wishes. It’s a very sad wish, but there are plenty of books are that prove they never turn out well.

(Questions from ilikeitsparkly AKA Nicole. I aspire to know even a seventeenth as much about makeup as her.)
If you could get any tattoo right now, what would you get? Or would you say no?
No thank you. If I got one, I would (probably) already regret it as soon as the artist started.
One holy grail skincare product?
Water. It’s crucial for the face washing process.
Do you like to go thrift shopping?
No, but my sister does. It drives my mom crazy but she can’t really say anything about her sense of style because my sis is a fashion designer.
Favorite memory from this year so far?
OH TOUGH. Okay, I picked a card out of my memory jar and it was making blue, marbled pancakes with my friends.

(Questions from LifeasAlexisGlow, who lives in Australia!!)
Who is your inspiration?
Oh geez, another hard question. For blogging I would say, ModernMrs.Darcy, CupofJo, and Austin Kleon.
If you could be a musical instrument, which one would it be?
The triangle.
Pineapple on pizza?
YES. But for some reason, a bunch of my friends at church don’t like it. (I’m looking at you Jael.)
Have you ever tried Vegemite? (yes I’m hopelessly Australian don’t judge me)
Haha, I’m not. And no, but I plan to someday. I’ve heard it’s very salty and I’m concluded probably wrongly that it actually doesn’t have anything to do with vegetables?
What’s your favourite colour?
As of this moment, red.
Best place you’ve ever been?

I nominate If You Give a Girl a Blog AKA Abi and The Story Sponge. You’re supposed to nominate eleven people, but eleven and two are basically the same number. They’re both two ones. I only discovered these blogs a couple of days ago, but the internet is a lot different from real life. (You don’t say.) You can tell people are (sunshine) stars pretty quickly. And of course, of course, don’t succumb to peer pressure and feel the need to do this. Because you (Abi) literally just did the writer’s halloween tag. But if you do, here are my questions. I tried to make them a good mix of easy, hard, and random.

  1. Favorite Youtubers?
  2. On a scale of 1-10, how big of an emoji user are you?
  3. What are three things that are pretty consistent in making you smile?
  4. Best book you’ve read recently?
  5. What’s an awesome family memory you have?
  6. Which Disney princess would you most want to be and why?
  7. What’s something you wish that people knew about you without telling them?
  8. The blog post you’re most proud of?
  9. An item on your bucket list?
  10. Ask someone who knows you pretty well to describe you in a couple of words.
  11. What would you do with an invisibility cloak?


If you have any question suggestions, HIT ME UP. Good questions are the bests. How would you answer my questions?Also, Ryan Higa’s newest video is HILARIOUS.




2 thoughts on “The Sunshine Award (because it is so cold outside and I miss my favoite star)”

  1. Thank you so much for tagging me!! I’ll definitely have to get around to this one soon – I especially like the question about what you would do if you owned an invisibility cloak…

    I really like pineapple on pizza as well, though I haven’t had it in years… So maybe it’s more accurate to say that I REMEMBER liking it. (I really need to try it again soon😂😂)

    – Abi

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahh you’re welcome! Haha, I stole that question from a podcast. I’m so excited to see your answers!
      Haha, I’m the same with the macaroni pizza from Cici’s. Too bad it’s not a normal pizza topping.


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