Last week in chapel, the speaker said that this year’s Halloween was the five hundred year anniversary of Martin Luther’s ninety-nine theses. He also spoke about a hodgepodge of different things, including a truth that adults regularly tell teenagers. Nevertheless, it is still a very important truth and one that I forget on a daily basis. I wish I could sear it onto my brain.

I really like how he said it. His words went somewhat like this: “If I went to your house today- which I’m not because that would be creepy, like hey, it’s your chapel speaker!- and I asked you how your day was, your answer would change from day-to-day because it would be dependent on two things. Whether or not people or friends liked you that day, or whether you performed well on the court or in the classroom or on the field. But that makes your life a complete roller coaster. If your self-worth depends on the acceptance of others, then you will always be scared of rejection. If your self-worth depends your own performance, you will always be scared of failure. Your self-worth has to come from God.”

(And yea I know, the first sentence is one huge run-on sentence, but that’s how most human beings talk- in long, rambly sentences with phrases thrown in all over the place. On a regular basis, people don’t usually speak in perfect, uniform sentences. If we did, then we probably wouldn’t have to write essays in school because we would already know how. Oh my goodness, that would be so nice.)

If you ask me how my day is, I will automatically respond with ‘great!’ Because a lot of the time, that’s true. But if I actually think about my answer, I walk through my whole day again inside my head. And usually, all the positive factors are interactions with people: my friend texted something that made me smile, I made people laugh, I talked to someone about a topic deeper than the weather. The little things. While most grades don’t affect my day much in either direction, my performance on the volleyball court has huge influence on how I think my day went. Unfortunately, it’s a generous contributor to the negative column. Actually, if I think about my life in the long term, my relationships are mainly the cause behind my silver dollar days and my performance is the reason behind a bunch of my awful days. (I didn’t realize any of this about myself until I sat down to write this post. Which is kind of crazy.)

But that’s the whole point. I don’t want volleyball to have the power to demolish my day. I don’t want to be sensitive about how my friends are acting toward me. Because that makes me insecure and anxious. I want to be like Paul and Barnabas, who in Acts 13, got totally rejected, shook the dust off their feet, and walked away filled with joy and the Holy Spirit. I want to be like that. I don’t want to be in control of my own happiness and joy. I want the one who is holy and perfect and all-powerful to be the foundation for my happiness and joy, because God is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Dude, can you imagine a life where you genuinely have a solid day everyday? That sounds absolutely wonderful.

Wow, and I thought the speaker was all over the place.


Thanksgiving break is two weeks away. A whole week off from school. ARE YOU EXCITED OR WHAT?? What’s your favorite iconic Thanksgiving dish? I honestly don’t really like the generic Thanksgiving meal that much. Last year, I had hotpot.

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