A survey(!) and a post in the form of a list

It always takes me a while to figure out how to begin a blog post, but I’m struggling more than usual with this one. So I’m just going to write a list.

1) Last year on June 20, I unleashed my first post on Zoelogist.
2) June 20, according to this website, is also National Ice Cream Soda Day, National Vanilla Milkshake Day, New Identity Day, World Productivity Day, Toad Hollow Day of Thank You (what in the world??), Plain Yogurt Day, American Eagle Day, and World Refugee Day.
3) Wouldn’t it be interesting if a person made a Youtube channel where they celebrated all the holidays of every day for a whole year?
4) If you’re curious where these holidays come from, Planet Money did a podcast episode on it.

5) Anyways, in thirteen days, this blog will have been around for a year.
7) To mark the occasion, I made a survey.
8) You can take it here.

9) According to SurveyMonkey’s algorithms, it should only take two minutes.
10) But, Hofstadter’s Law says that it always takes longer than you think it will, so I suggest you block out a complete twenty-fours straight of your life to do nothing except answer these six questions.
11) Wow, this is probably not the best way to convince someone to take a survey.
12) Anyways, that’s all I got.

13) Wait! Just kidding.
14) I have a P.S. for you.
15) As always.


If you write blog posts, what part of it do you find the hardest?
What’s a holiday you would want to create?
I would want to create a Children’s Day like they have in China. After searching on Google: Just kidding, there’s one in America too. Oh, it’s on June 10, that’s coming right up.
Hm… what about a podcast day? ASOG: Nope, that’s already a thing too- September 30.
National blog day? ASOG: There’s a national blogging month– November.
National watermelon day? ASOG: August 3.
WHAT. Okay, I have to find one that’s not a thing.
National red brick houses day?
ASOG: YES, this one doesn’t exist!



9 thoughts on “A survey(!) and a post in the form of a list”

  1. I really liked reading this post in the form of a list! I also enjoyed taking your survey, which I took. 🙂 I think it took me around 4-5 minutes, so a little more than the estimated 2 minutes, but I’m not entirely sure how long it took me.

    I think the hardest part of writing a blog post depends, but it’s usually the intro. I want to make it interesting enough that people keep reading, but not cheesy, but also welcoming, but not start off every post with “hi, guys.” So…I agree with you, intros are hard! XD

    I think it would be SO INTERESTING if someone made a YouTube channel where they celebrated all the crazy specific holidays!! I would definitely watch it and I bet a ton of other people would, too.

    Also, congrats on almost one year of blogging!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m so glad you liked it! Hahaha, I think I might resort to doing it again when the words are just not flowing. Thank you for taking the survey. :)) Oh, wait! SurveyMonkey actually tells me how long it takes each person. Yep, you’re right: it took 4 minutes 33 seconds.

      Exactly- it feels like there’s way more riding on your intro than everything else!

      I KNOW RIGHT. Hm… this is getting my wheels turning.

      Thank you!!

      Liked by 1 person

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