A carefully curated selection of Marvel memes

Know where your boundaries are


When an actor is their character


The ultimate bad boy


This is brilliant


If you give a Norse god a phone…


Sibling relationships


A very challenging Ice Bucket Challenge



Which one’s your favorite? They all crack me up (especially the one of Dave Bautista/Drax and Spiderman) and the Captain America screen saver is the BEST THING, but I’ll have to go with the last one of Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan.
Have you ever been to summer camp? That’s where I’m going to be when this post comes out! I’m excited for 1) the food- for breakfast they sometimes serve yogurt, strawberries, and granola, and it’s SO GOOD 2) the worship- it’s an actual band and there’s a ton of people singing, so it’s like you go to a small concert two days a week for five days 3) basically everything.
For more hilariousness: science jokes and puns.

4 thoughts on “A carefully curated selection of Marvel memes”

  1. Haha! I haven’t seen any Marvel movies (as discussed on your Marvel movie quest post), but I still found these so entertaining. 🙂 I think my favorite one is either the first one or the one of Tom Holland winking with both eyes. XD

    I hope summer camp is fun! The worship music part sounds really fun. I don’t go to summer camp, but this week I’ve been volunteering at much church’s VBS, so that’s been really fun (though tiring).


  2. For some reason I like the one with the whale. I don’t want to like it because I don’t like Thor, and yet… It’s funny. But the Captain America phone one is probably my favorite.


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