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After a streak of four long posts, it’s time of a short and sweet one. Here’s a list of six good links. I’m not sure where I found each one exactly, but I’m guessing they were either from ModernMrs.Darcy, Austin Kleon, The Art of Simple, or Cup of Jo. (I guess that’s another four links right there.)

What life is like for one of America’s ex-pres’s. “Jimmy Carter finishes his Saturday night dinner, salmon and broccoli casserole on a paper plate, flashes his famous toothy grin and calls playfully to his wife of 72 years, Rosalynn: ‘C’mon, kid.'” Words that stand out to me: paper plate, famous toothy grin, playfully, wife of SEVENTY-TWO years.

Change my mind: these are not the coolest index cards ever.

Winning photos of the 2018 National Geographic Contest. After this link loads, you might go, “Agh, it’s the dreaded slideshow format.” But don’t worry, it’s not the type that reloads the page every time. Even if it was one of those, the pictures would still be worth the hassle- and for me, that’s saying something.

Look at this bookstagram account. Just look at it.

An interesting explanation of the only job I can think of that (basically) requires a wand. 

As of right now, I’m planning on wearing this awesome Baymax shirt for homecoming week. Does your school do this? The week before homecoming, each day has a different theme for everybody to dress up around. This year the five days are Character Day (Baymax!), Payday (what you want to be when you grow up), Western Day, Thrifty is Nifty (not really sure what I’m going to do), and Frat Boy Friday (should’ve seen that coming).


Do you know what I’m talking about when I say “the dreaded slideshow format” or “homecoming week”?
What’s something good you’ve found on the internet recently?
Who’s your favorite president? 
Mine is Abraham Lincoln. and it’s because of this book I read called Team of Rivals. It’s 744 pages of actual book with around 150 of notes, which brings the number up to a grand total of 916. It’s one of the longest books I’ve read- maybe the longest book I’ve read. Wait nope, Grant by Ron Chernow (who also wrote Alexander Hamilton, the inspiration behind the musical) is 959+150-or-so=1074.

(image from WeHeartIt)

8 thoughts on “Awesome links”

  1. All right, although this post may have been short, we all know this comment won’t be. 😉

    Link #1: This made me happy to read! My sister and I have always liked Jimmy Carter because her name is Carter and we used to have this placemat with all the presidents and we colored over his picture so many times because it was her name. XD Also, wife of 72 years is crazy amazing, wow.

    Link #2: I cannot change your mind.

    Link #3: HAHA, I know what you mean by the slideshow format. I hate that so much, and I’m very thankful that it is not the slideshow format. Those pictures are amazing! My favorites are 8, 9, and 10 and in that order. What about yours?

    Link #4: WHOA, THE COOLEST BOOKSTAGRAM ACCOUNT EVER. I wish I had that kind of time on my hands…or that many books…or that good of an imagination…or basically, wow, that is incredibly amazing, haha!

    Link #5: I wasn’t sure which video to click on, but I want a job that requires a wand! (I think. I don’t know what the job is yet so maybe I don’t want it.)

    Link #6: THAT’S AN AWESOME SHIRT. Hey, my school has homecoming week next week, too! Your dress up days sound a lot more fun than ours, though. XD We have Hawaiian day (pretty good), camo day (I don’t own camo), pajama day (good), neon day (okay), and spirit day (aka the day where everyone going with a date wears gigantic mums and everyone else just wears a school shirt). Are you going to homecoming? I think I’m just going to eat and take pictures with my friends, but not going to the actual dance.

    Hmm, favorite president…I’m not sure. My favorite that I lived through is Barack Obama, and my favorite that I didn’t live through is JFK. Though I don’t know much of his actual politics, I’ve just been to a lot of museums about him and it made me super interested in everything that he did during his presidency.

    Great post as always, Annie!

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    1. Link #1: I know right? I love the part when the girl in the denim skirt just simply says hello to him while he’s walking down the street and treats him exactly like a normal person. Haha, I love that story. :)) And I know, I know- SEVENTY-TWO.

      Link #2: That’s what I thought. ;))

      Link #3: It’s THE WORST. I’m not sure why they exist. Oh my goodness, that’s tough. Okay, I’m going to choose my favorite from each category: flamingos, pyramids, and twin sisters.

      Link #4: AHHHH I KNOW. If I ever did something like that, it would be one of my top accomplishments of that year- if not my entire life. I would also frame the pictures and display them in very prominent locations.

      Link #5: Oops, thank you for mentioning about not knowing which video to click on! I copy and pasted the wrong link. Haha, don’t worry, it’s a cool job.

      Link #6: I AGREE. I actually don’t think I will be buying it for homecoming week though- now the plan is to borrow Jonathan’s Wonder shirt that I got him for a birthday. Oh, yay! I hope the people at my school think they’re fun too. Oh, our dance is Hawaiian themed! I don’t own camp either, but pajama day sounds great. Oh my, giant mums. We have them too, but they’re not as INSANE as some I’ve seen. Yes, I am! That sounds like so much fun. My school’s pretty small, so school dances are a thing most people go to. Also, I’m on student council, so I feel a responsibility to go.

      Oh, interesting! We did learn some about JFK’s policies during 8th grade- vague memories about Cuban Missle Crisis, some pig disaster.

      Thank you!

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      1. Yes! I’d never known before that he wasn’t like your average ex-president, and now I’m really happy that I know. AND YES.


        Exactly?! What purpose does the dreaded slideshow format serve, I wonder. XD Cool!

        SAME. Definitely one of the top accomplishments of my life, too.

        WAIT THAT IS A COOL JOB!! I couldn’t be a conductor, since I don’t play an instrument or know that much about the playing-of-music, but still, a wand…wow.

        A Wonder shirt would be so cool! What does it look like? And I bet everyone at your school will like them, too. Yes, I’m most excited for pajama day too. Oh yes, some people at my school have fairly tame mums, but there are a few that are just absolutely insanely huge. XD That sounds really fun! My school is…not small. There’s other 600 kids in just my grade! I wish it was smaller though. I hope you have fun at the dance and on homecoming week in general!

        That’s so cool!


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