What I’ve learned so far this school year

In algebra

On the day we were reviewing all the equations of a line stuff, my teacher brought up the  question of why “m” is used for slope- like in y=mx+b. He said we would never guess. Then this guy in my class said it’s because it’s Latin for slope in a no-way-I’m-right tone, and the teacher’s like, yep that’s right. Kind of anti-climatic. Moral of the story: it’s always Latin.

In Spanish

At the beginning of the year, my teacher asked us to take a learning style quiz for her first day of school questionnaire. I took it, of course, (personality stuff intrigues me), and I found out that when it comes to how I learn, my top three styles are 1) intrapersonal 2) interpersonal and 3) verbal-linguistic. This quiz has eight possible types (here are descriptions of each), which I’m pretty is more than another one I took years ago. I think that one only had audio, visual, kinesthetic, and something else.

In (basics) computer science

There are so many things you can do to customize super normal computer things. I learned that when we spent the first two weeks and a half setting up our computer desktop- the teacher called it “configuring.” You can make it so that a selection of websites come up every time you open a browser- I would probably do WordPress, Evernote, and Google. You can add so plug-ins- the one that caught my eye was Evernote Web Clipper. It’s three dollars, but I looks like it would be so handy.

In chemistry

This is how rock candy works: You first dissolve a bunch of it into hot liquid with a popsicle stick in it. Then when the liquid cools, the amount of sugar it can hold also goes down. That way the extra sugar becomes solid again and combines around the popsicle stick.

In school related events

Laser tag is fun. At the welcoming party for new kids, I finally got why some people get so excited over laser tag. Every other time I’ve played, I’ve always come either dead last or close. I just couldn’t figure out how to get the gun to work and basically spent the whole time dying and egenerating. But this time, I came in SECOND because was the person making people regenerate. It was very exciting.


Do you know what your learning style is? 
What’s your favorite personality thing?
Something you’ve learned in school this year?
Stance on laser tag?

What I had learned in school this time last year
Looking at that post, I realize that I haven’t done a random life PS in a while, so let’s do one right now. I think I’m going to go see The Hate U Give tomorrow with friends from my school, which is going to be amazing. We’ve all read the book and are so stoked about the movie. I had homecoming this past weekend, and when we took pictures, there were mosquitos. I got bit a bunch, but for some reason, they’re mostly all on my left leg. The 49ers lost to the Arizona Cardinals 18-28, the super distressed emoji x10.

21 thoughts on “What I’ve learned so far this school year”

  1. how did I not know that the m in mx+b is latin??? haha in all my years of math no one told me…
    Wow I am always super terrible at laser tag, congrats for doing well!
    ooh I want to see THUG movie! I read the book last year ( I think?) and it was pretty good 🙂

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    1. Hahaha, I know right. It’s ritical information.
      Ahhh, thank you! I was pretty proud of myself- proud and surprised.
      Yes, it was so good! I hope you see it soon- tell me what you think if you do. :))

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  2. Here’s what I’ve learned in astronomy this year:
    1) the Milky Way Galaxy is a cannibal
    2) If you put a neutron star (10 kilometers across) in your hometown, within moments the entire earth would get pulled into it and become a tiny smudge on its surface because its gravity is so intense.
    3) a black hole is a point of infinite mass
    In French I’ve learned that in Paris if you park downtown you leave your car in neutral because other cars have to park so close to you that they might have to push your car out of the way (by bumping it with their car) to cram their car into a parking space. So expect to get scratches and dents in your car.
    I have never played laser tag actually. It’s all a mystery to me.

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    1. 1) Whoa whoa whoa- you can’t just say that the Milky Way Galaxy is a cannibal and not elaborate. So please, elaborate.
      2) Wow.
      3) Okay, I know what every word in that sentence means, but I have no idea what it means altogheter.
      And thank you, that is a good street smart thing to know. Thank you for sharing all your facts in general- I’ve been assigned an article for my school magazine on interesting and random facts, and those all fit the bill.
      I would say that laser tag is an unique idea.

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      1. Haha, well basically it just means that it consumes other galaxies- smaller galaxies that are passing by the Milky Way can get sucked into its gravitational pull and become apart of the Milky Way. But it sounds much more exciting to say it’s a cannibal. (I think Sean is rubbing off on me.)

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      2. Ahh, okay. That’s interesting. I had no idea, thank you! Haha, describing the Milky Way as a cannibal does sound very exciting. (Say hello to Sean for me!)
        Could you also explain a black hole being a point of infinite mass- or is that one of those things you just kind of have to get?


  3. The hate you give doesn’t come out in England till later! But I’m planning to see it with my friend, I’ve actually lent her my copy so she can read it before then because she wanted to. But argh! Worn me with a spoilers alert if you talk about it!

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      1. I don’t know, it usually comes out first in America, maybe because that’s where it was made? Like where Hollywood is and stuff? Or maybe it has to be run through different countries’ guidelines to see if it’s appropriate and that takes time?

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      2. Ohh, I can totally see that. Okay, I did a quick search and here’s what I got: 1) They don’t make enough copies to show over the whole world, so once they stop in America, there’s more to share. 2) They wait to make sure it’s a good time in the country to release.

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  4. Long tiiiime. Okay, my fault but shhh. I think my learning style is intrapersonal? I took the test. The next one was verbal linguistic, except, I don’t think the ‘verbal’ part is correct, haha.

    Favourite personality thing? MYERS BRIGGS FOR SURE! INFP!

    Thing I learned in school? Welp, I’m starting on french which is kind of a bother because I’m already studying two languages independently and now I think I might even learn French after this school year. It’s not too bad because I have a decent foundation in Spanish but the pronunciation and spelling is really getting to me!

    We also learned a bit about Brexit and how that might affect Ireland. And there’s gonna be an election soon in Ireland.

    Laser tag? I’ve only done it once when I was 10 and I kinda miss it so yeahhh

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    1. Hahaha, no problem, I am willingly be shushed. Ahh, you took that test! I am very intrapersonal when it comes to that test’s description.
      Oh yes, Myers Briggs! That was my favorite personality thing for a while, but then I learned about the Enneagram.
      Whaaat, what two languages are you studying independently and how are you studying them? I remember one of my friends was also learning Russian or German at the same time as Latin and had to stop because she was getting them confused. Oh my, spelling- boot verbs and tenses.

      Oh, that’s interesting. What kind of election is about to happen? America’s about to have midterms (because the president’s halfway through their term) which is for Congress. Oh great, I really hope I’m not telling you anything wrong.
      I feel like laser tag is one of those things that can always be fun even when you’re older if you want it to be.

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      1. I’m studying Spanish and Korean! Well, I haven’t really been studying them properly but I have been watching youtubers/korean shows for a while. I need to watch some spanish youtubers but I often get chickened out. I recently discovered the Shadowing Method and I found that it was really intriguing. I also have this YouTube video on a different (and more interesting way) to study languages (but obviously you need to know the basics first: https://youtu.be/J_EQDtpYSNM

        Before, I used to stick to a schedule. I’d practice sentence making on Mondays, grammar on Tuesdays, Listening/Reading on Wednesdays and corrections by natives on Thursdays (I use lang8 but the site might be down so maybe try Finite Languages or if you find a better one, use that!). I’ve lost the hang of that because I struggle to read many books and write novels as well.

        A Presidential Election is happening!

        I don’t think you’re telling me anything wrong. Then again, I am sometimes very lost xD

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      2. I’m learning Spanish at school! Ooh, Korean would be on the top of languages I would want to learn- mainly so I could watch kdramas without subtitles, haha. What Korean youtubers and shows do you watch? And what is the Shadowing Method? Oh, thank you for linking to the video! It looks interesting.
        If I ever start learning a language outside of school, your comment will be helpful. Another question- from where do you get the resources that help you make sentences or learn grammar? And yes, I know what you mean- there’s too many books to be read and too many books to be written.
        Oh, I hope the election’s going smoothly- or as smoothly as an election can go?


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