Six word memoirs & sonnets with a twist

You might’ve heard this tale before: One time, Ernest Hemingway was bet money that he couldn’t write a six word story. He wrote the following words- For sale, baby shoes. Never worn.- and won.

Here are some more six word stories that I’ve gathered from various places.

From sixwordmemoirs
– Sunset. Midnight. Sunrise… But no sleep.
– Procrastination? I’ll worry about that later?
– Back to home: my detention hall.

From Six-Word Memoirs: The Valentine’s Day Edition
– What do you want for dinner?
– For the children, I remain his.
– Found Jewish princess. Good-bye succulent pork.

From Six-Word Memoirs: Life Stories Distilled
– Couldn’t cope so I wrote songs.
– I still make coffee for two.
– Love me or leave me alone.

From Can You Tell Your Life Story in Exactly Six Words?
– Alzheimer’s: meeting new people every day.
– Found on Craigslist: table, apartment, fiance.
– Normal person becoms psychotic on Twitter.

From Mini-Memoirs: 6 Word Stories to Honor Mom
– Unconditional love but hates my outfit.
– Oh dear. I’ve become my mother.
– Strong, independent rethinker of tuna casserole.

In history/English class, we read Henry IV by Shakespeare. That’s the time period we just took a test over- 1300s to 1400s. To go along with the Shakespeare theme, every person in my grade also has to memorize a famous passage that he wrote and then perform it this week. (This post is coming out the day I go. Mine is the speech of Saint Crispin.)

These following sonnets are ones my teacher showed us in class. They’re not by Shakespeare, but they’re in a similar style. Each sonnet is included twice, the first time without the title, and the second time with it. That way the plot twist isn’t spoiled.

Screen Shot 2018-10-21 at 7.50.25 PM


They’re sonnet renditions of popular songs! The “Call Me Maybe” one was the one my teacher showed us in class. She hadn’t given us the title either, but my friend figured it out. We were in groups of three to discuss them, and I don’t know how, but she started singing the lines, before you came into my life, I missed you so bad. I said something along the lines of: that’s exactly like the last two lines, oh my goodness, that’s literally the last two lines! Then she sang, I threw a wish in the well, don’t ask me I’ll never tell. That’s when my eyes grew big and I thought, whaaaat? They both have wishes and wells? What is going on? That’s too much of a coincidence.

It was very exciting. Okay, now have fun guessing the next three. These are all from the tumblr, Pop Sonnets.

Screen Shot 2018-10-21 at 7.48.10 PM


Screen Shot 2018-10-21 at 7.49.58 PM


Screen Shot 2018-10-21 at 7.49.30 PM



Which one is your favorite six-word memoir?
What would your six words be?
Did you guess the sonnets?
What time period are you studying in history right now?

(Photo from introvertedbookworm24)


9 thoughts on “Six word memoirs & sonnets with a twist”

  1. THIS IS SO COOL. I love the popular song sonnets! I didn’t get the One Direction one, but I did guess Thinking Out Loud and Shake It Off. 🙂 I love both of those songs, so that’s probably why- I’m very familiar with them. I think we did six word memoirs at the beginning of the year in my seventh or eighth grade English class, but I can’t exactly remember what mine was. XD It probably included something about books, though.
    How did your presentation of your passage go?
    Right now, we’re just finishing up the Early Modern Period in my world history class. It’s funny because I was actually doing my homework for that class when I decided to take a small break and read a couple of blog posts. XD

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I KNOW RIGHT. They’re brilliant and so fun. Oh, nice! I’m not sure which ones I would’ve have gotten because on the tumblr, the titles are on there, so I got too excited and looked, but I think I would’ve gotten Shake it Off. Yes, I’m so glad I included two songs you love. Oh, cool! I’m guessing mine would include books too, or something about reading and words.
      It went well, thank you for asking! The nerves did kick in beforehand, but they weren’t able to hijack my brain during the peformance.
      Is Early Modern Period like the 1900s? Hahaha, that’s funny. :))

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That’s so cool!
        Oh, I’m glad it went well. I always get nerves right before a presentation, too.
        The Early Modern Period is the 1450s-1750s, like the age of exploration and colonization. It’s pretty interesting, actually!


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