The next five books I think I will be reading

Foundryside by Robert Jackson Bennett (Founders #1)


A general idea of what it’s about: fantasy, a thief, a heist, magical technology

Why I want to read it:
Robert Jackson Bennett’s other books, The Divine Cities, is on my short list of series that I’ve finished. They’re also on my list of favorite fantasy books and favorite books full stop. His writing- that’s how I want to write. His characters- I forget a lot of character names, but I doubt I will ever forget Shara and Sigrud and Mulaghesh. His plots- by the third book I knew, I knew, there was going to be a turn and twist coming, but I still didn’t see it. They were the kind of books that absolutely shattered my self-control. They were so good, and there’s no way Foundryside will be any different.

Foolish Hearts by Emma Mills


A general idea of what it’s about: contemporary, high school, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, new friends, a girl and a boy, mean girls

Why I want to read it: This book has been on my to-be-read list the longest out of every book on this list, and now I will finally be reading it. I would say the timing isn’t bad either. Emma Mills has a book coming out next year, and reading Foolish Hearts before then will put me in a good position to stay caught up with all her books. I’ve read both of her other two (not including an ebook she wrote): First & Then and This Adventure Ends. For First & Then, I distinctly remember just reading along and then at one point near the end being like ohmygoodnessthisissogooddon’tend. Unfortunately, I did not like This Adventure Ends as much. I think it was because I didn’t really like the characters in that one. But I am still very excited to read this. I have a good feeling about it.

Sidenote #1: Can we take a moment for the covers of Emma Mill’s books?
Sidenote #2: She also has a Youtube channel (that is inactive). I’ve only watched a few of them, but they were so funny and goofy and real. If I ever made Youtube videos, I would want them to be like that.

The Whispering Skull by Jonathan Stroud (Lockwood & Co. #2)


A more thorough idea of what it’s about: It takes place in England (not now, in the past), and there are ghosts who haunt houses. It follows that there are also people- specifically, young people- whose job it is to get rid of those ghosts. (When you grow older, you lose your ghost sensing abilities.) Anthony, Lucy, and George are three of those said people. They make up Lockwood & Co, a ghost-hunting agency that is struggling to stay in business because of a larger, more established rival. This all leads to a challenge, a case gone wrong, arguments, and a misplaced and very important object.

Why I want to read it: I read the first book of this series this summer. If I had known what it was about going in, I don’t think I would’ve read it. Ghosts and paranormal stuff is a genre I almost never read (along with horror, thriller, mystery, and dystopian). It’s another piece of evidence that it’s a good idea for me to go into books blind. The Screaming Staircase was hilarious and so, so good. The first book is already on my list of favorites, but I’m hoping to read the other four books so that Lockwood & Co. will also be on my list of finished series.

The Wondering Years: How Pop Culture Helped Me Answer Life’s Biggest Questions by Knox McCoy


A general idea of what it’s about: memoir, pop culture, God, faith

Why I want to read it: 
Pop culture and God aren’t two words that I would expect the same book to be about, but I’m so excited for the weird combination. Knox McCoy is the cohost of two podcasts, one of which I’ve listened to every episode of. The bigger one is called The Popcast with Knox and Jamie, but the one I listen to is The Bible Binge. In it, they talk about stories from the Bible through their pop-culture tinted lenses. Knox and Jamie take people and what they did thousand of years ago and put them in real life in a way that I think those stories are usually not. They also bring in context and helpful explanations from biblical commentaries (aka smart people writing about what they think the Bible says). Another reason why I’m pumped for this book is that it was on Goodreads’ monthly newsletter. I’m not sure how Goodreads decide those things, but I’m guessing it means more than nothing.

We Were the Lucky Ones by Georgia Hunter


What it’s about: World War II, one Jewish family, siblings, three generations, separated

Why I want to read it: I heard about this book from Episode 157: The stories behind the stories we love to read of What Should I Read Next? In that podcast episode, the author talks about how she realized her family had a far greater and more interesting story than she realized and how this book came to be because of it. We Were the Lucky Ones is historical fiction, but it basically isn’t. The only reason why Georgia Hunter chose for it to be historical instead of non-fiction was so she could make the story come to life by doing things like writing thoughts and feelings into the characters and details into the setting. The story itself is fully true. I have a very strong feeling that this book is going to be so good.


What have you been reading or are planning to read? I started The Annie Dillard Reader, but I don’t think I’m going to keep reading it for now.
The book that’s been on your to-be-read list the longest? I’m not sure, but the first book I added as Want to Read on Goodreads was Pride and Prejudice. I did read my sister’s old school copy one time, but I didn’t really get it. I want to read it again, maybe by listening to the audiobook version by Rosamund Pike. I’ve heard it’s really good.
Books series you’ve finished? 
The big ones: Percy Jackson (both of them and also the Kane Chronicles), Hunger Games, Divergent. The Mysterious Benedict Society. Penryn & the End of Days, which is kind of random. I honestly can’t think of any more that I know for sure. Oh my goodness, that’s seven. Wait, I’m look at my shelves: The Doll People, Snow Like Ashes, maybe Artemis Fowl? Oh! And Matched, Gallagher Girls. Okay, there’s more that I don’t remember.

P.P.S. Photograph from lovelybookspines tumblr.

19 thoughts on “The next five books I think I will be reading”

  1. I haven’t read any of these books, but they look interesting, and I hope you are not disappointed by them!
    A few books that I want to read are Wonder and The Help, because I love both of the movies and I hear the books are good. Also I just got The Help at a book sale and my sister got Wonder at a used book store, so I kind of have to read them now.
    On my TBR list the longest? Hm, probably Bleak House by Charles Dickens. I’ll get there.
    Haha, I will lose interest in series’ pretty quickly and give up, but I have finished quite a few: both Percy Jackson series’ (but not the Kane Chronicles), The Lord of the Rings, The Chronicles of Narnia, Harry Potter, A Series of Unfortunate Events, All the Wrong Questions, The Giver Quartet, The Genius Trilogy, The Wildwood Chronicles, and maybe we’ll leave it at that for now. Even of the ones I named, some of them I think I could have been happier never finishing.
    I stopped reading Divergent (after one), The Mysterious Benedict Society (after two) and Artemis Fowl (after four). Divergent because it was just not my style, The Mysterious Benedict Society because I loved the first book and disliked the second book so didn’t have the heart to continue, and Artemis Fowl because it was just getting too weird for me.
    Great post, and I hope you find more favorite books in your next round of reading!

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    1. Thank you! I sorely hope I will not be disappointed by any of them either. Wait, I know I will at least not be disappointed by one of them because I finished Foolish Hearts a few days ago. It made me cry, and thinking about that helped me with my comment.
      I haven’t heard about Bleak House by Dickens! What is it about?
      Whaaat, that’s several. For me, I usually don’t finish series not because I didn’t like the first book, but because I didn’t like it enough to read all the others. Ah, which ones would that be? Divergent would be a series I would be fine if I hadn’t finished- but I am glad I did when people were talking about it. I don’t think it was my style either. Oh no, you didn’t like the second Mysterious Benedict book? Do you remember why? Hahaha, I agree about Artemis Fowl being weird. I don’t remember how much of that series I read.
      Thank you so much! Me too, me too. :))

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      1. Ah, I am glad to hear that Foolish Hearts made you cry! Now I am curious about it.
        Well, basically Bleak House is about this court case where they are trying to figure out who gets this fortune, but that doesn’t sound very interesting. There’s also murder and mystery and spontaneous combustion that sort of thing. I saw the BBC miniseries version and I’ve been wanting to read the book.
        I think I was just disappointed that it wasn’t quite as amazing as the first one? I mean, I didn’t even realize that I didn’t like it until I got to the end, so it really mustn’t have been THAT bad. I guess I also didn’t like that they made Constance psychic? I just felt like the first one had a good ending and I didn’t really want to spoil it I guess. So I decided to pretend the rest of the series didn’t exist.

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        1. Haha no, that does sound interesting. And also I feel like Charles Dickens could make pretty uninteresting things interesting. Spontaneous combustion in a novel? Wow.
          Ohh, okay. Wait, I don’t remember what happened. Hmm.. Constance being psychic. That’s ringing a very vague bell. Okay, I get what you mean. For me, it would be how Go Set a Watchman doesn’t count in any way towards To Kill a Mockingbird.

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            1. The strange part it that Go Set a Watchman isn’t a sequel! I dearly wish it was, but it’s a manuscript Harper Lee wrote that was published after her death. I read somewhere that it was the rough draft of To Kill a Mockingbird.

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  2. YAY, BOOKS. *screams because I love books*
    I want to read Foolish Hearts too! It just looks like my kind of book, and also like it will possibly be relatable since it’s set in high school. (Although a lot of books set in high school are very far from relatable for me.)
    We Were the Lucky Ones looks really good, too!
    Right now I just finished the Raven Cycle series, of which I loved a lot. The plot was confusing for me, but the characters were everything. I’m reading Frankenstein and The Joy Luck Club for school (both are pretty good) but not reading anything for fun, though I want to go to the library soon since it’s officially Thanksgiving Break.
    Hmm, let me check on my quote unquote official TBR. (The “official” TBR is the one on my Goodreads account, which was created in 2016. So I’m sure there are books I’ve wanted to read for longer, I just didn’t record them and have now forgotten. The first book on there is Taking Flight: From War Orphan to Star Ballerina. It still seems appealing to me, but I can see why I’ve never read it because I usually go for realistic fiction over anything else.
    Ahh, book series I’ve finished. My list of “major” ones is a lot like yours: Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, MBS, and then Mother-Daughter Book Club, A Series of Unfortunate Events, Land of Stories, Anne of Green Gables series, and the Raven Cycle. I love series and have read quite a few others, but those are ones with more books in them.
    Great post!

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      Oh oops, I guess I should’ve have replied to this comment before recommending Foolish Hearts in my Garrett Girls one. I agree, a lot of things in high school books aren’t the most relatable for me either. Foolish Hearts was very good. It was funny and made me laugh, and it also made me cry. I think you will like the friendships and the sibling relationships a lot. There were some parts that were surprisingly relatable for me at the moment- kind of a reading a book at the right time sort of thing. I’m so glad you loved the Raven Cycle! Wait, I think I might be reading Frankensteing for school this year too? The Joy Luck Club! I wish we read that too. Are you going to watch the movie? I heard that that was the last movie with a mostly Asian cast before Crazy Rich Asians came out. Did you go to the library? I went the Thursday before break. It was glorious, as library trips tend to be.
      Haha, that’s my official TBR too. I think mine was created in 2017. Me too about the books I didn’t record and forgot. Ohh, that’s an interesting subtitle.
      Hm, I think I need to read Anne of Green Gables. I’m pretty sure I read the adapted version when I was little, but never the full one. Then I could also watch Anne With an E! That reminds me- I’m actually reading Sherlock Holmes right now, not because I wanted to read it before watching the show, but because it just happened coincidentally. The book is very good, different and better than I expected. I’ve heard the show is amazing too.
      Thank you!

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      1. *screams*
        Haha, a double recommendation is never a bad thing. 😉 I can’t wait for the sibling relationships and friendships.
        Oh, it would be cool if you read Frankenstein too! Our schools always seem to be similar so it’s likely you will. XD So far, I like it a lot actually, it’s just the annotating of it that’s making it not as great. The Joy Luck Club was really good! I just finished it yesterday. Now I want to see the movie- we aren’t going to watch it in school, because it was an independent reading project, so not everyone in my class read Joy Luck Club (there were two other book options). But hopefully I can find it somewhere and watch it.
        I haven’t been able to go yet! I hope I will soon though. Definitely sometime this break. Yay, I’m happy you got to go!
        I think you would really like Anne of Green Gables! I like Anne With an E too, though I’ve only watched the first season so far. Oh, I should add Sherlock Holmes to my TBR. I’ve heard a lot of good things about the show and now I’ve heard good things about the movie. 🙂

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        1. Yep, we’re reading Frankenstein. It’s the Dover Thrift Edition and it there’s a man with his back turned in a black coat and a cane standing on a rock and looking out at rushing water. Haha, seriously though! Oh, yayyy. I need to read Joy Luck Club and watch the movie. Have you watched it since the 19th? Oh cool, what were the other two options?
          If you do, I hope you like it. :))

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          1. Oh, cool! We finished Frankenstein, and I have to say, it was actually really good. The reading experience was slightly brought down due to the fact that I had to annotate it (and that I waited until the night before to annotate most of the book), but overall, it was a really good book.
            I haven’t seen the movie yet, sadly. The other two options were Bless Me, Ultima and Cry, My Beloved Country- I haven’t read either.

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            1. Oh, haha. That sounds like something I would do. When I read, I underline, but that’s about it. Ah I’m so glad you thought it was really good! It does not sound like a book I would normally read, but that’s what school reading is for.
              Ohhh, I’m pretty sure my friends at a different school had to read Bless Me, Ultima. I don’t think they liked it that much.

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