Thoughts on love from books

Defining Love

Jude taught me what love was: to be willing to hold on to another person’s pain. That’s it.
p.248 from The Sacred Lies of Minnow Bly by Stephanie Oakes

“My God, you’re in love with her.”
The Major’s immediate response was to continue to deny it. Roger said, “What on earth do you hope to accomplish?” The Major felt a rage unlike anything he had felt toward his son before and he was provoked into honesty.
“Unlike you, who must do a cost-benefit analysis of every human interaction,” he said, “I have no idea what I hope to accomplish. I only know that I must try to see her. That’s what love is about, Roger. It’s when a woman drives all lucid thought from your head; when you are unable to contrive romantic stratagems, and the usual manipulations fail you; when all your carefully laid plans have no meaning and all you can do is stand mute in her presence. You hope she takes pity on you and drops a few words of kindness into the vacuum of your mind.”
p.298 from Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand by Helen Simonson

“I think the problem is that sometimes when we love someone, we see a certain version of them. And we get attached to that version. Convince ourselves that that’s the only version, the true version… But I believe that we all have multiple versions of ourselves. And the true test of love is learning to accept all of those versions, even when it’s messy. Actually, especially when it’s messy… That’s one of the toughest things about love, right? The way we have to learn how to accept those changes. Love isn’t a constant thing, you know? It’s active. It’s always growing.” 
p.142 from Here We are Now by Jasmine Warga

Love Gone Wrong

When she saw us, she seemed heartbroken, her grief so complete that it left no room for anger. I thought, I never want to love someone like that, not even Matt, so much that there would be no room left for myself, so much that I wouldn’t be able to survive if he left me.
p.266 from Girl in Translation by Jean Kwok

Love in Music

“I don’t think what people are responding to in those songs is the sadness, Taliah. I think it’s the love.”
p.271 from Here We are Now by Jasmine Warga

And Julian paused, his mouth hovering above the microphone, I briefly wondered if the reason so many people loved his songs was because he invited the listener into a place of certain uncertainty, a place that allowed for sadness and anger. And love.
p.292 from Here We are Now by Jasmine Warga

Love Towards Potatoes

I took a bit of my baked potato. I think we can probably all agree that potatoes are the best food ever. They should be an essential part of every meal. It’s like they are sent straight from heaven by angels with amazing taste buds. Mashed, baked, French fried, even sweet potatoes…I love them all.
p.17 from Mustaches for Maddie by Chad Morris and Shelly Brown

Love From Siblings

Above it were the words I love you, Maddie. That made me feel all gushy inside. Maybe the twins weren’t completely evil after all. I opened the card.“I hope you don’t die, but if you do, can I have your money and your candy?”
p. 67 from Mustaches for Maddie by Chad Morris and Shelly Brown

Love in Texting

Pause. That “L” word completely catches me off guard, like a player from the other team stealing the ball right as you’re about to make a layup. It takes all of your momentum and you spend a week wondering how that steal slipped up on you.
Yeah. Chris saying “love you” is like that, except I can’t waste a week wondering about it. By not answering, I’m answering, if that makes sense. The shot clock is winding down, and I need to say something.
But what?
By not saying “I” before “love you,” he’s making it more casual. Seriously, “love you” and “I love you” are different. Same team, different players. “Love you” isn’t as forward or aggressive as “I love you.” “Love you” can slip up on you, sure, but it doesn’t make an in-your-face slam dunk. More like a nice jump shot.
Two minutes pass. I need to say something.
Love you too.
It’s as foreign as a Spanish word I haven’t learned yet, but funny enough it comes pretty easily.
I get a wink emoji in return.
p.213 from The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas

Honest Thoughts on Love

“He really does love you, you know. Even if he doesn’t always say the right things. He loves you.”
“I know,” I said.
“I think he loves more since he never gets to see you. It makes it more special.”
“Yeah. I love him too.”
That may have been an exaggeration.
I mean, I loved the idea of Babou.
But the idea was very different from reality.
p.202 from Darius the Great is Not Okay by Adib Khorram

The Effect of Arguments on Love

“Don’t be upset, Darius.”
“I’m not upset, okay?”
Stephen Kellner didn’t like it when I got upset.
I shoved myself off the ground.
“I’m going to bed.”
Even when Dad stopped telling me stories, he made a point of saying “I love you” every night before I went to bed.
It was a thing.
And I always said “I love you” back to him.
It was our tradition.”
That night, Dad didn’t tell me he loved me.
I didn’t tell him either.
p.223 Darius the Great is Not Okay by Adib Khorram

Love in Hugs

I get out, and Uncle Carlos meets me with a perfect Uncle Carlos hug- not too tight, but so firm that it tells me how much he loves me in a few seconds.
p.156 from The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas

Tattoos as Love

One of my baby photos smiles back at me, permanently etched on his arm with Something to live for, something to die for written beneath it. Seven and Sekani are on his other arm with the same words beneath them. Love letters in the simplest form.
p.37 from The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas

Did you do anything out of the ordinary for Valentine’s Day? In Spanish class, we had a Valentine’s Day fiesta (my teacher is a huge proponent of food) and wrote Valentines to people in her other classes. It was a good class period.
Have you read any of the quoted books?
What other topics would be interesting to read quote compilations of?

P.P.S. Awesome drawings by Dallas Clayton.

10 thoughts on “Thoughts on love from books”

  1. Um, potatoes are the worst and I do not comprehend why people even like them. Who dug up potatoes and was like, I can turn this white mush into a meal! (???????)

    but I love hugs and reading books and ignoring valentines day 😂

    yes! Darius the Great is Not okay is one of my favorite explorations of familial love and relationships. Warms my heart to see it quoted 💕

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Whaaaat? You don’t like potatoes? Okay haha, that honestly makes me rethink liking this comment. What about fries or potato chips?
      But I love hugs and readings books too.
      I loved Darius’ relationship with his dad and grandparents and sister in the book! Whohoo, thank you. :))


  2. All these quotes were so interesting! My favorites were the ones from THUG and Darius The Great, since I knew the plotline behind the quotes.
    I remember it was such a sad part when Darius’s dad didn’t say he loved Darius, especially since he always said it no matter what. That was one of the saddest parts of that book in my opinion. *cries*
    The Valentine’s Day fiesta sounds so much fun! My day was pretty average. My high school got selected to take a practice EOC test, so the first part of my school day was spent writing an essay and then spending a good hour and a half staring at the gym wall. XD Then I had Spanish, but sadly we did not have a fiesta. (My teacher is NOT a proponent of food in her classroom. XD)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I’ve been compiling quotes from books I’ve read, so I thought it would be interesting to see what multiple books have to say on the same thing.
      Oh my goodness, I agree. The quote especially stuck out to me because I resonated with it. I wish it wasn’t true, but I’ve had nights where I couldn’t bring myself to say I love you to my parents because of some argument too.
      Hahaha, it was! Elgh, oh nooo. Was the selection random? Ach, I’m sorry that your teacher isn’t as big of a fan of food as mine is. Oh, I’m curious, do you guys to VHL is Spanish?

      Liked by 1 person

        1. Ohh, yikes. Unlike the Goodreads giveaways, I would say that’s the kind of prize you don’t want to win. ;)) VHL is this online homework thing we do for Spanish! Sometimes we watch these videos that are like a mini-show that relates to vocab we’re learning. In one of them these two guys jokingly crashed their friend’s date. It’s still homework, but the video was pretty entertaining.

          Liked by 1 person

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