Amazing minute long videos

Anyone up for a drum off?

This one is my favorite

from Cup of Jo

Added to DIY bucket list

Next time you hang out with friends… (around 1:50)

From kottke

The obligatory stop motion

From kottke

Goal scored without touching ball

The most amazing TV basketball analyst

For more Doris Burke

Do you want to play questions? (around 2:30)

Do you have any favorite short videos?
Are you reading anything at the moment? Several books I had on hold at the library came in all at once, and I haven’t yet decided which one I’m going to read next.
Have you ever gone to summer camp? That is where I will be when this post comes out! What I will be doing is most likely trying to catch a few more minutes of sleep before waking up and going to breakfast and eating yogurt with strawberries and granola.
Oh! And this post will also be coming out on June 20, which happens to be the end of the second year of this blog and the beginning of its third. :))

18 thoughts on “Amazing minute long videos”

  1. I have two summer camps scheduled. I’m currently reading Broken Things by Lauren Oliver. I decided to read it because I really loved the Delirium series.
    Have you read any books by Oliver?
    Have a great day, I hope you enjoy reading.
    Erin xx

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    1. Ohh, that’s exciting! I hope you have so much fun :))
      I just looked up the Delirium series, and I’ve definitely seen the cover multiple times, but I’ve never read it. No, I haven’t read anything by Oliver! Are you liking Broken Things?
      Thank you, and you too!

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  2. This post is so great! Ahh, the video of Justin Peck was amazing. HE’S SO GOOD LIKE WHAT. I’m doing tap for the first time next year and I am quite scared but also excited to learn. The reason why I’m starting it now is because my studio is combining a few classes that used to be standalone into a workshop, so if I want to keep doing hip hop and contemporary (which I do) then I will also have to take tap. This is scary because I will have to be in a tap class with actual experienced tappers and the most experience I have is from being an assistant teacher to a five-year-old tap class. But, it will be good. I hope.
    The pendulum wave was mesmerizing, wow. My favorite part was whenever it started to look like a DNA double helix, lol.
    The “next time you hang out with friends” caption made me laugh because that was AMAZING and let me just say, if a friend group could actually do that, it would be beyond cool.
    THE STOPMOTION WAS CRAZY GOOD. It gave me flashblacks to playing that game with my sister. I forgot about all the sound effects and stuff until now. :))
    What book did you end up starting first from the library? Today I started and finished Fame, Fate, and the First Kiss and it was amazing. I feel like the title is kind of misleading because it makes the book seem a lot more juvenile than it actually was, but I do like the alliteration.
    I hope summer camp is really fun! This comment will be waiting when you return, ahaha. And happy blogoversary!! Congrats on an amazing blog and all the wonderful posts you’ve done. ❤

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    1. I KNOW. I’ve never really watched/listened to ASMR videos, but if there was a category of tap videos like his, I would be so into them. Ohh, that’s so exciting! Wow, I can see why that is scary. Did they combine the classes so that everybody could be more well-rounded? I hope it goes really well, Olivia, and that you enjoy learning tap :))
      Yes!! I love how it just keeps going and going. It’s crazy.
      Hahaha, I know!! I don’t think my friend group has near enough dedication to do something like that, but it would be hilarious to try.
      I KNOW. I love stopmotions. Have you ever heard of Ryan Higa on Youtube? He’s done stopmotions (I recommend the cardboard one) that are the best, but they were too long to include in this post. Haha, the audio is spot on!
      I read Let Me Hear a Rhyme first and I think I finished the same day. I know I already mentioned it in another comment, but I really do think you will like it. :)) Ohh, what was Fame, Fate, and the First Kiss about??
      It was! And ahhhh thank you!! Thank you so much always for your comments. :))

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      1. Haha, same! Aww, thanks so much. I think they’re combining the classes so they can ease up on the amount of hours we’re all at the studio, especially with a lot of the dancers moving into high school and later high school years. :))
        I haven’t heard of Ryan Higa, but his videos sound really interesting. I used to watch American Girl doll stopmotions on YouTube when I was younger and they’re so mesmerizing, haha.
        Cool! Yes, I’ll be checking it out for sure. Fame, Fate, and the First Kiss was about this girl who’s an actress and she is filming her first big movie alongside people who are already famous. The main parts are her shooting the movie, making friends on set, getting used to living with her dad (she usually lives with her mom but her dad is staying with her while she’s filming), and then getting to know her new tutor. It was really interesting!
        You’re welcome! <3<3


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