Four albums I’ve listened to repeatedly this year

I’ve listened to way more music this year than I have in the past, and this is most likely due to a certain collaborative playlist on Spotify. The assignment of adding five new songs each Sunday means that I have to do music discovering on my own. AKA I listen to my Discover Weekly and let it do all the heavy lifting for me. Discover Weekly is how I discovered two out of the four artists on this list: Jake Scott, and Jackson Guthy. The “Similar to Jackson Guthy” thing that Spotify does is how I discovered Kayden.

The last one, Judah & the Lion, is a band I heard about from Clara at midnight mind. One of her posts on Clara & Co. (I think it was this one) was photography plus song recommendations–a great combination–and some of them were by Judah & the lion. I remember listening to them and thinking, nope this is not for me it’s too aggressive. But then over this past Christmas break, I saw Judah & the Lion on Clara’s Instagram story and decided to try listening to them again. This time it was fantastic.

For each of the albums, I’m going to (with great struggle) list a song to try from it and then (with less but still a good amount of struggle) describe the “sound”. And include any comments that feel pertinent.

Kayden // so much has changed

call it

most of the beats are on the more upbeat side + some techno-y background sounds + feels like something you would hear on top hits radio but less angst

I’m surprised that I like this album, but I really do. In a span of maybe one or two days, I’m pretty sure I listened to all five of Kayden’s albums, some of them more than once. They’re pretty long too. Three of the albums are from 2018 alone–that is crazy. Then he only released one album in 2019, but hopefully 2020 will be another multi-album year. The progression the titles make is cool. Here they are in order of release: Forever, Moments, Endings, Beginnings, so much has changed.

Judah & the Lion // Pep Talk


loud + aggressive percussion + from Spotify: a heart-pounding whirl of folk, bluegrass, rock, hip-hop, and electronic production

I’m surprised I like this album too. It’s like when you suddenly realize you like a food that you’ve never liked before, and you’re like, when did my taste buds change?? But in a music sense. If you have the same reaction that I had my first time listening to them–that it’s too aggressive–I would say 1) I know all artists think about the order of their songs, but I think listening to this album in order is especially important and 2) this album is about one of band member’s family and world falling apart. The second thing is what makes the album so much better and clearer for me.

Jackson Guthy // Stories


no techno stuff, just his voice and accompaniment + percussion is definitely not aggressive but not soft either

Jackson Guthy only has this one album with five songs, but I listened to this one album on repeat so many times. I think part of it was that all the songs sounded the same to me at first (they still sound pretty similar to me now even though they’re not really), so it kind of felt like I was listening to one big sound.

Jake Scott // Lie


in the middle between slow and dance party music + pop sounds + a bit of techno-voice + lowkey piano/drums/accompaniment

This album is like a collection of three-minute-long love stories. All nine of them are distinct. The only thing I can think of to compare these to is Taylor Swift’s old songs. But while her songs are more like short movies with plot, his songs are more like jars of light that capture the feeling of a relationship. Like the BFG and his dream catcher! There, that’s the right analogy. Also, two cool things about Jake Scott. He releases a song every month, and he’s on tour right now with Sawyer, a duo of which one of the members is an alumni from my school.

If you have Spotify, I made a playlist with my favorite songs from all four albums.

Have you listened to any of these albums before?
What have you listened to on repeat this year?
Do you use Spotify, Apple, or Amazon?

24 thoughts on “Four albums I’ve listened to repeatedly this year”

      1. How Did We Get Here?, Tuesdays, and Yours are my favorites currently. Dreams, One of the Good Ones, and You Don’t Care At All (by Kayden) are really good ๐Ÿ˜‰ You might like Adam Ragsdale, Us the Duo, and Willow City. Btw, I followed you on Spotify!!

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I think Man Who Stays, Otherwise, and She are my favorites right now. Okay, question: do you think of Man Who Stays as heartbreakingly sad or heartbreakingly sweet? No way, dreams is the song my friend said I should put as my Kayden rec! Okay, I need to go listen to Beginnings again. YES, I’m so excited to check them out. Ahhh yayy, I followed you back :))

          Liked by 1 person

            1. At first I thought it was heartbreakingly sad, but after talking to a friend about it, I’ve changed my mind. And yes!! (I’m so sorry about only responding about this now.) I would love to move to Google Hangouts.

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  1. Ahh, it makes me incredibly happy that you like J&TL! *beams* Pep Talks is a masterpiece. I’m listening to the songs on your playlist right now – Stories is really good, and I love the album cover artwork. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for introducing me to them!! I hope they release more songs soon. Have you ever seen them on tour? Ahh YES, I’m so glad you like Stories! Yes, me too :)) Thank you for commenting, Clara!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I think they will! They’ve been releasing albums about every 1-2 years, so it shouldn’t be too much longer, hopefully. They came to my state, but it didn’t work out to go see them – I’m really hoping they do a second round of the Pep Talks tour. ๐Ÿ˜€
        Of course! I love posts about music, and this was great. ๐Ÿ™‚

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          1. Oh, I’ve listened to WILD! I’m 99% sure that was because of your recommendations too. I like their Lace & Layers album. I’ve listened to National Parks before, but I’ve never heard of Colony House! Thank you for the recommendations :))

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        1. Ohhh okay, good to know. I haven’t really listened to their backlog yet, so I can do that in the meantime. Do you have any favorites from their past albums? Oh dang, so close! Oh my goodness, it would be very cool if they did a second round. I would love to see them in concert too.
          Thank you! :))

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          1. Ohh yes…. so many. Here’s a list for you, though really, I’d just recommend listening to it all. xD

            Take It All Back
            Forever, Always
            Suit & Jacket (so so so good)
            Everything Changes
            Seasons Colors
            I Won’t Back Down (new cover they just released!)

            There you go, those are some of my favorites. ๐Ÿ™‚ Yesss, it would be amazing! From the videos that I’ve seen, they put on an incredible show!

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