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Annie Xia.

Fourteen years old. A(merican)B(orn)C(hinese). Believes 1. books are the best safety blankets 2. airports do not count as visiting another place 3. communication is key in volleyball, Masterchef restaurant takeovers, and life in general. Does not believe in the concept of Snapchat streaks. Loves trees (especially tall ones) because trees = books (AND DON’T FORGET OXYGEN) but only likes the idea of climbing trees because trees = scratchy. Favorite subject = history. Enthusiast of 1.podcasts 2. potatoes 3. puns 4. and alliteration. First and foremost a child of God. (Sidenote: Jonathan noted that 1. the photo looks posed and unnatural 2. books come from dead trees. He is right on both accounts.)