February 2018: wow, this post is long

Beautiful moments of February 2018 Weirdness, but the good kind My birthday's February 8th, and this year was a bit special. At school that week, instead of having announcements/worship/chapel, there was a couple who spoke on various topics each day. On Thursday, my birthday, the guys and girls split up to hear all about dating.… Continue reading February 2018: wow, this post is long

How reading the Bible straight through in a year is going

One of my goals for 2018 is to read the entire Bible. Some of my other goals include getting my driver's permit (AH DRIVING SCARY but also EXCITING), making a Rainworks creation (they seem so cool), going to Krispy Kreme and trying to get free donuts (yum), and watching all the important Marvel movies (I've… Continue reading How reading the Bible straight through in a year is going

Snippets from school assemblies

Every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, my entire high school (of 400 something people) gathers in the auditorium for announcements/worship/speaker/whatever crazy scheme the adults come up with. Usually, it's a recipe for comfortable mundaneness, but on occasion, it creates some pretty funny moments. A lot of the time it results from the principal's wry sense of… Continue reading Snippets from school assemblies

January 2018: oops, I’m late

Confession: I have a hard time spelling January and February correctly. I always want to spell February without the first r as in "Febuary" because that's how I pronounce it. Then for some reason, that messes me up on January even though it's spelled how you would think it's spelled. Sidenote: whenever I write Wednesday,… Continue reading January 2018: oops, I’m late

The first movie club meeting of hopefully many more to come

Martin Luther King Jr. Day is always on the third Monday of January. (I think that's so federal organizations don't have to close in the middle of the week.) This year it fell exactly on his birthday, January fifteenth, which made it even more perfect when we watched Selma that day for my school's movie club (or… Continue reading The first movie club meeting of hopefully many more to come