Five friends, five coronavirus diaries

Photo from The Great Empty by The New York Times. When adults talk about 9/11, they say that they remember exactly where they were and what they were doing. They say that everybody that was alive has a 9/11 story, they say that the generation before had JFK's assassination and that the generation before that… Continue reading Five friends, five coronavirus diaries

Four albums I’ve listened to repeatedly this year

I've listened to way more music this year than I have in the past, and this is most likely due to a certain collaborative playlist on Spotify. The assignment of adding five new songs each Sunday means that I have to do music discovering on my own. AKA I listen to my Discover Weekly and… Continue reading Four albums I’ve listened to repeatedly this year

On physics and how wildly hard it is

Physics is so hard that it's almost a joke. Not because there's anything inherently funny about it---there's nothing funny about it. But you have to not take it seriously. It's absolutely necessary to survival. Otherwise the true impossibleness of it would be crushing. The way forward is to just laugh (and cry if needed) at… Continue reading On physics and how wildly hard it is

Four great short documentaries

For Christmas last year, I asked for a subscription to the New York Times. One of my favorite things-maybe the favorite thing-about being a subscriber is the Op-docs. Op-docs stands for opinion documentaries, and they're these fifteen-minute-ish videos about various subjects that I usually know nothing about. They're amazing. Documentaries are something I want to… Continue reading Four great short documentaries