My honest feelings on new school years

For me, the days bridging the end of August and the beginning of September are also the first few weeks of school. It's also the time of year when I most frequently get asked questions such as What do you think of ___ year so far? Do you like your classes? Do you like your… Continue reading My honest feelings on new school years

Awesome links

After a streak of four long posts, it's time of a short and sweet one. Here's a list of six good links. I'm not sure where I found each one exactly, but I'm guessing they were either from ModernMrs.Darcy, Austin Kleon, The Art of Simple, or Cup of Jo. (I guess that's another four links right there.)… Continue reading Awesome links

Mini reviews of the movies I watched this summer

At the beginning of summer I posted my summer bucket list, and the first item on that list were to watch the new movies coming out. There were four specific ones I had my eye on, and I ended up watching three of them, but the only reason I didn't watch the last one was… Continue reading Mini reviews of the movies I watched this summer

August 2018: photo dump and mini-stories

8/2/18: My school's volleyball has a tradition that on the last day of tryouts, the new varsity players get picked up without warning by the people who've already been on the team for "initiation." That's a blurry picture I took of myself during it. I'm in the car with a blindfold on. I guess them blindfolding… Continue reading August 2018: photo dump and mini-stories

Mundane advice for back to school (ft. my friends)

This post will be coming out on my first day of school. I have mixed feelings about going back. On one hand, there's no way in the world I would complain about a few more weeks of summer, but on the other hand, I'm feeling that seasonal shift of 'okay, I'm kind of getting tired… Continue reading Mundane advice for back to school (ft. my friends)

Blog tour: 5 things by Emily at The Beaming Blonde

Em from Two Girls Two Mountains (who I collabed summer bucket lists with) is starting a new blog- The Beaming Blonde(!), and what better way to kick everything off than with a blog tour? Her first post will be this Saturday (thanks Olivia), and that is when my suspicions that her blog is going to be fantastic… Continue reading Blog tour: 5 things by Emily at The Beaming Blonde

Life, lately (yogurt & the peg game & books in multiple forms)

I tried a Chobani Flip. (Yes, that's my finger in the picture. And yes, this picture doesn't even have the Chobani Flip in it. But it's still yogurt, so close enough.) The existence of these special yogurt creations was first brought to my attention by Sarah Beth's comment on my April post, and I was… Continue reading Life, lately (yogurt & the peg game & books in multiple forms)