My 2020 summer bucket list // collab with Purely Oliva and Not All Who Sonder!

Last year summer started when school ended, but this year, my marker for the beginning of summer has changed to the switch from nice to hot weather. Which in an unfortunate series of events, happened last week. Ugh, that allusion doesn't even make sense. Where am I going with this intro? Dude, writing intros is… Continue reading My 2020 summer bucket list // collab with Purely Oliva and Not All Who Sonder!

Life, lately (emailing people & ice-cream & art museum)

Emailing people This year in history/English class, I read Frankenstein. Near the beginning, there was a quote in it that I bookmarked because it immediately reminded me this blog post writted by Austin Kleon. (I also talked about him in my last post as the person who made black-out poems the thing they are today.)… Continue reading Life, lately (emailing people & ice-cream & art museum)

Adventures in New Hampshire: Concord & Manchester

As promised (well actually, I purposely did not promise anything and only said I was planning on it just in case I didn't follow through) in the postscript of my Maine post, here is another installment about my trip up north. This one is all about New Hampshire, and it's even less of a professional travel guide… Continue reading Adventures in New Hampshire: Concord & Manchester

Doodles from one of my favorite artists.

Featuring artwork and words from Dallas Clayton, a children's illustrator and author who is currently taking over my Pinterest board. P.S. Today in technology class, my teacher gave us a very, very, very surface explanation of the internet. And it was SO INTERESTING. Did you know that there is fiber optic tubes UNDERNEATH THE OCEAN FLOOR just… Continue reading Doodles from one of my favorite artists.