More Marvel memes (because ENDGAME)

If you're not into the Marvel movies or haven't heard people talk about Avengers: Endgame, here's a quick summary of what's going on. Marvel, a company owned by Disney, has made eighteen(?) movies so far about this group of superheroes. In Infinity War, the (chronologically) previous Marvel movie, a lot of people died because this… Continue reading More Marvel memes (because ENDGAME)

A long-winded birthday card

CARBLE oops BITE 1/14/19 7:47 PMRECREATED IMESSAGE CONVERSATION (1/14/19)Today 7:30 PM(picture of link to cable bites, me pick one out for LexyLollyI know you're at a party and dancing your heart outButThis is importantVITALLY IMPORTANTDelivered Dear Lexy, There's too many options. There's 20 and also 6 big chargers and 3 good luck charm(?) cable… Continue reading A long-winded birthday card

A carefully curated selection of Marvel memes

Know where your boundaries are When an actor is their character The ultimate bad boy This is brilliant If you give a Norse god a phone... Sibling relationships A very challenging Ice Bucket Challenge Which one's your favorite? They all crack me up (especially the one of Dave Bautista/Drax and Spiderman) and the Captain America… Continue reading A carefully curated selection of Marvel memes

People explain slang and memes: teachers versus teenagers

Every year, my school puts out this awesome student-run magazine. This year's edition just came out a few weeks ago, and two of the articles were HILARIOUS. One was titled Urban Dictionary and the other was called What in the world is a meme? In the first one, students interviewed teachers and asked them to… Continue reading People explain slang and memes: teachers versus teenagers

Funny bunnies and friends (AKA hilarious animals memes, you’re welcome)

  The story of how this post came to be: I was eating lunch with my friends when the conversation turned to Pinterest. Then one of them (who is more of a Snapchat user and kept calling boards stories) saw the pin in the thumbnail picture (now I'm the one mixing up social media terms) and set… Continue reading Funny bunnies and friends (AKA hilarious animals memes, you’re welcome)