Blog tour: 5 things by Emily at The Beaming Blonde

Em from Two Girls Two Mountains (who I collabed summer bucket lists with) is starting a new blog- The Beaming Blonde(!), and what better way to kick everything off than with a blog tour? Her first post will be this Saturday (thanks Olivia), and that is when my suspicions that her blog is going to be fantastic… Continue reading Blog tour: 5 things by Emily at The Beaming Blonde

My summer bucket list (& a collab!)

I am officially OUT OF SCHOOL. Which can only mean one thing.... SUMMMMMMER! To start these glorious three months off strong, Em at Two Girls Two Mountains and I are doing a collab on summer bucket lists! I'm posting mine a few days before hers, so if you're reading this during the gap, here's some… Continue reading My summer bucket list (& a collab!)

Middlegrade recommendations

I am what you would call a 'teenager.' Waiters no longer give me coloring pages and crayons. Tickets for museums and amusement parks and whatnot aren't discounted anymore. I have to take off my shoes at the airport. People ask me what I want to do when I grow up, but they ask it seriously.… Continue reading Middlegrade recommendations