What I’ve learned so far this school year

In algebra On the day we were reviewing all the equations of a line stuff, my teacher brought up the ¬†question of why "m" is used for slope- like in y=mx+b. He said we would never guess. Then this guy in my class said it's because it's Latin for slope in a no-way-I'm-right tone, and… Continue reading What I’ve learned so far this school year

My honest feelings on new school years

For me, the days bridging the end of August and the beginning of September are also the first few weeks of school. It's also the time of year when I most frequently get asked questions such as What do you think of ___ year so far? Do you like your classes? Do you like your… Continue reading My honest feelings on new school years

Mundane advice for back to school (ft. my friends)

This post will be coming out on my first day of school. I have mixed feelings about going back. On one hand, there's no way in the world I would complain about a few more weeks of summer, but on the other hand, I'm feeling that seasonal shift of 'okay, I'm kind of getting tired… Continue reading Mundane advice for back to school (ft. my friends)

Tales of freshman year: volume III

The Oscars, but for homemade commercials In my business/technology class, we just started our ad campaign. It's this project where we have to create a bunch of stuff for our fake company, including a commercial. My teacher told us that at the end of all of it, three awards will be given out to each… Continue reading Tales of freshman year: volume III

Snippets from school assemblies

Every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, my entire high school (of 400 something people) gathers in the auditorium for announcements/worship/speaker/whatever crazy scheme the adults come up with. Usually, it's a recipe for comfortable mundaneness, but on occasion, it creates some pretty funny moments. A lot of the time it results from the principal's wry sense of… Continue reading Snippets from school assemblies

What I’ve learned so far this school year

I have come to comfortable terms with the fact that I am a ninth grader, but it STILL dumbfounds¬†me that I'm a high schooler. And it's been a solid three months now. Maybe it's because my brain has been so busy doing other stuff. Like daydreaming and sleeping and oh yea: learning. I feel when… Continue reading What I’ve learned so far this school year

How school actually applies to real life

Right now in geometry class, we're doing proofs, and honestly, I highly doubt anybody will ever have to use what we're learning after they graduate college. Unless he or she becomes a mathematician and wins a Nobel prize (jk: there's no Nobel for math). For example, my sister is a fashion designer, and the only… Continue reading How school actually applies to real life