April 2018: five(ish) things I learned this month

1. Chobani yogurt I went on a yogurt streak sometime last year, but then I forgot about it. Now, I've been having it for breakfast every day the past few weeks. IT'S BEEN GREAT. I guess I'm rediscovering Chobani. For some reason, I haven't gotten tired of it even though I don't like yogurt that… Continue reading April 2018: five(ish) things I learned this month

What I learned in November

1. When it comes to writing numbers in Spanish, periods and commas switch jobs. Let me explain. If I was to change forty-nine thousand three hundred twenty-one, I would write 49,321. HOWEVER, in Spanish class, I would swap the period for a comma and write 49.321. Which totally looks like forty-nine and three hundred twenty-one… Continue reading What I learned in November